It’s not often you find pioneers in the mattress industry. But that’s exactly what Mattress By Appointment and its President & CEO Edwin Shoffner have become. Edwin Shoffner has nearly 30 years experience in disruptive retailing of mattresses, from sleep shops operating with less than 1% advertising, to tiny sleep shops operating 24/7 within the walls of Wal-Mart Supercenters, and even the first bed in box mattresses sold through ecommerce in 1998. Edwin Shoffner’s retail mattress resume is unmatched within the mattress industry.
Innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit were the driving forces as Edwin broke away from the business models of old to create a new, transformative business model for the mattress industry. One that would change the lives of customers as well as enable others to be able to own their own business and achieve the true American dream. To this day, it’s a proven model that can help business owners discover financial freedom on each’s own time. With over 300 locations and counting, he’s doing something right!
Mattress By Appointment consists of a network of independent business owners who have an extreme competitive advantage over traditional retail sleep shops and furniture stores. Our low overhead business model and results driven advertising strategy simply cannot be surpassed by any competitor.
Unyielding dealer support providing training and guidance along with a team environment has proven to make this opportunity one of the best in the nation. This isn’t a franchise. You are owning your own independent business. 100% of your investment goes into your business. 
Whether part-time or full-time, the nature of the Mattress By Appointment opportunity provides our business owners tremendous income and fast return on initial investment.
We are looking for owner/operators and offer an exclusive territory where you can operate your own business.