Do you need work that can fit around your family commitments? As a dealer with Mattress By Appointment, you work independently and create your own schedule. Enjoy the flexibility you deserve.
Do you wish you could find work that would provide an above average income? Mattress By Appointment has opportunities that are flexible, and pay you based on your personal performance. If you are self-motivated, this may be a good opportunity for you!
Want job security? Mattress By Appointment has grown with an industry that has increased every year for the past 30 years. 1/10 people are looking for a mattress everyday. Mattress By Appointment offers a significant savings to consumers by a low overhead, targeted advertising business model.
Want to be your own boss? Mattress By Appointment’s clear business path, called the blue print for success, gives a month by month strategy on advertising, and sales. The blue print for success allows owners to hit the gas pedal, or the brakes at any time based on their own individual comfort with the business. Get started today!
Want to enjoy success? Ask us about our annual dealer incentive trip – enjoy seeing your work translate into fun in the sun in a tropical location!

“I have been pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoy helping customers find the right mattress. Working in the medical field for 10+ years prior to this, I have really grown to love helping people. I know I am still doing that now. Many customers will hug me after making a purchase and often times our conversations include much more than ‘Do you like soft or firm beds?’ I treasure the moments when I haven’t just made a customer, but when I’ve made a friend.”

“Owning a MBA location has helped me be the type of working mom that I’ve always wanted to be. As a foster mom there are a lot of appointments and court hearings that I need to be available for, being able to work my own schedule has helped me accommodate that. It also helps our kids feel safer and more secure knowing that they are my priority.”

“My life dream has always been to run my own business and this allows me to do that. I also really like being my own boss and controlling my own schedule.”

“I am a family man and I have had more time with my family this last year and a half then I ever have before. I love it.”

“At 58 years old, this proved to me that you can always start a new career and get out of the rat race.”