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Q. How much does it cost to get started?

A. The minimum opening order is about $6,000 and a dealer will need funds for advertising, first month rent and security deposit, and an ability to reinvest some early profits. The dealers most likely to start strong usually have access to at least $15,000, whether in cash or credit cards, or other means

Q. Does Mattress By Appointment offer financial assistance to help me get started right away?

A. Mattress By Appointment does not offer financing, but we can recommend you try applying with FinMkt at: With one application you can reach up to 17 lenders. If approved, the money will be in your account within 24 hours and can be used for all of your business expenses including inventory, rent, etc. We also suggest obtaining credit cards that offer a low or zero percent introductory rate, essentially giving you an interest-free loan to start your business.

Q. How much time should I expect to spend on this business?

A. Dealers who work full time in the business have reported earning $100,000 or more in profit per year. No matter what your goal is, plan on spending at least 30-35 hours per week on your business for the first couple of months as you become familiar with the process and our business manual.

Q. What kind of profit can I expect to earn per sale?

A. Conservative estimates based on data from existing dealers are $150 profit per sale. However, many dealers enjoy much larger average profits per transaction of $250, $300, and above. Depending on the transaction, you can earn in excess of $1,000 from a single sale.

Q. Do you help me with real estate?

A. With the right location being vital to your success, Mattress By Appointment has a comprehensive guide and video tutorial to assist you in finding that exact location at the right price. Our Business Development Managers are also there to assist in your search and provide daily guidance. We encourage you to engage a commercial broker if you are uncomfortable with site searches, selection, or lease negotiations.

Q. Does MBA charge me any royalties or fees?

A. No. Mattress By Appointment is a licensed distributorship, not a franchise. We appoint you as our approved dealer in a protected territory to sell products exclusively from our program.

Q. Does MBA offer ongoing training and support?

A. Absolutely. And the great thing is that our mentors and trainers are dealers as well! They assist in applying “real world” solutions to your concerns and questions. In addition to your mentor, we provide a comprehensive business manual, dealer networking and Facebook groups for discussions and sharing best practices. There are always many learning opportunities from many different places in our organization!

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