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Hear first-hand testimonials from dealers all over the country who have thriving Mattress By Appointment locations.
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"Jim Bunt and Elizabeth were so great in this process. Very happy and ready to sell some mattresses. Bravo!" - Buddy H.

"Jim Bunt was amazing! Always more than willing to help. He was also very encouraging throughout the process." - Michael B.

"This has been an experience above and beyond what I expected. Thank you!" - Karolyn B.

"Dean was fabulous and we really appreciate all of the time that he took to walk us through the process. He was very patient, always available, and a great mentor." - Meredith S.

"Jim, Elizabeth and David are perfect. Instructions to get to my first order & succeed were thorough. Finding a location was the only tricky part due to the scarcity of open locations in Bozeman, but we stuck with it and found one. I’m so happy to be part of the company!"

"Jim was incredible at encouraging me with the location and making sure I got off to a good start. I feel good about my chances of success." - Martin B.

"Mattress By Appointment has it nailed down when it comes to the process from start to finish. Everyone is extremely helpful and resourceful and it has made this entire process easy. Thank you for everything!" - Cameron B.

"Dean and Elizabeth were fantastic! They were always available, answered my questions, and got me the help that I needed." - Jonathan C.

"Dean Garber went above and beyond to help me with the process. He was always at reach, very communicative, and just wonderful" - America K.